New product “USJ-2” “USJ-2M” released

We have started selling SterilizAir® “USJ-2” “USJ-2M” which can sterilize 100㎡ with one unit.

Conventional sterilization devices may affect the human body with conventional sterilization mechanisms such as the ozone method, hydrogen peroxide method, and hypochlorite water method. It was necessary to take measures such as restricting entry to the room.

SterilizAir® is organic. “OH radical ROS multi Plasma®” which has much stronger oxidizing power (power to destroy bacteria) and high reactivity even at low concentration that is harmless to humans than using ozone or hydrogen peroxide alone using air components Generates. Not only is it harmless to humans because it does not use chemicals, but it also has no environmental impact because it has no by-products. It does not cause rot on the base or body of precision equipment, electronic equipment, etc. After sterilizing bacteria and viruses, it decomposes into water and oxygen. Therefore, it realizes a sterilization space 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and can be used at all times where there are “people”.

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